Saturday, April 17, 2010

Pest Control

AS it turns out my peas are actually doing rather well in the back. Thee canopy is almost closed in, but they seem to get just enough morning sun to produce their sweet little pods. The mustard greens are also doing well, except for the assault waged by cabbage worms and plenty of other pests breeding as well. My Broccoli and even my nasturtiums are getting eaten. The invasion is pretty bad, so I'm taking measures to reduce their numbers.

When I find those cabbage worms I pick them off by hand and feed their carcasses to the ants. I'm also trying to create a habitat for birds so they can snack on my garden pests. I have bird feeder and am going to work on creating a more hospitable environment for them, including a bird bath and maybe a few bird houses. I've put a few worms in the feeder to let them discover whats on the menu down below. So far so good.

I also went to a near by park where I've seen lot of lady bugs and captured a few. I gently introduced them into my garden and let them feast on my tiny foes. After a few days, they still scuttle around the area where they were placed. I've witnessed them feasting on aphids, its gruesome, but satisfying. Hopefully I can encourage more beneficial predatory insects.

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